Klimalogg PRO Thermo-Hygrometer & Data Logger

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The KLIMALOGG PRO allows you to accurately monitor temperature and humidity values – measured by the device itself and up to 8 separate wireless transmitters.

This allows you to record important climate data over longer periods of time and to create specific test reports.

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Professional standard thermo-hygrometer with data logger functionality. 

German engineering coupled with Swiss precision sensors makes the Klimalogg Pro one of the best Thermo-Hygrometers with data logging available. This main device can be used as a stand-alone unit, or for a larger area, can be linked to up to 8 separate wireless transmitters. This is an extremely useful tool for a museum with multiple enclosed cases, or with multiple areas in stores/reserve collections that need accurate and individual monitoring. Having 8 linked transmitters feeding back to one control device saves time and space, eliminating the need to log into various devices to obtain readings for multiple sites at once.

This unit has a large memory capacity, storing up to 50,000 data records, and comes complete with USB transceiver as well as the Klimalogg PRO software.

  • For the professional monitoring of room climate
  • Indoor temperature, humidity and dew point
  • Max./min. values and alarm function
  • Memory for up to 50,000 records
  • USB transceiver and free software for PC


  • For the monitoring of temperature (precision ± 1°C) and humidity (precision ±3% from 35…75%)
  • Indication of dew point, max.-min.-function with time and date of recording
  • Alert when the temperature exceeds or falls below freely adjustable temperature and humidity values (upper/lower limit)
  • Event alarm function
  • Data logger with up to 50,000 measured values, recallable via display or PC USB Interface
  • Free software with graph display available for download
  • Switching Output
  • Radio-controlled clock with seconds, date, time zone ±12 hrs.
  • Extendable with up to 8 transmitters (30.3180.IT, 30.3181.IT)
  • Registered TFA design

Technical data

Measuring range temperature indoor 0…+50°C (+32…+122°F)
Delivery contents Base station, USB transceiver, PC software for download, batteries, instruction manual
Measuring range humidity 1 … 99% rH
Clock Radio-controlled clock
Radio-controlled clock defeatable yes
Time zone correction +12/-12h
Material Plastic
Maximum range 100 m
Maximum amount of transmitters 8
Transmitter optional 30.3180.IT (Thermo-Hygro-Sender) und 30.3181.IT (Thermo-Sender), 30.3199.IT
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Power consumption Batteries
Assembling Wall mounting or freestanding
Batteries included yes
Batteries 3 x AA 1.5 V (base station)
Dimensions (L) 98 x (B) 25 (77) x (H) 137 mm
Weight 147 g

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