Tyvek 1442R

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Tyvek 1442R

Tyvek 1442R at Darac is ideal for the transport and storage of objects, paintings and sculptures.

Tyvek 1442R does not scratch and is easily fabricated into protective coverings, storage bags, dust sheets and has many other uses where a safe inert fabric like material is required. It does not tear easily but can be cut with scissors or a rotary cutter or craft knife. Being a spun polyester it does not fray when cut.

  • pH neutral
  • lint free
  • breathable
  • water repellent
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Tyvek 1442R at Darac

Tyvek 1422R at Darac is strong, breathable, waterproof and dustproof. This combination of properties makes for a material that is ideal to store and protect, for example, artefacts , art or furniture. The smooth side of the material has an antistatic coating that repels dust and dirt, while the matt side tends to retain dust and dirt that comes off dusty artefacts. Distilled water may remove the antistatic agent from the Tyvek.


  • Colour: white
  • Weight: ca. 43 g/m²
  • Thickness: ca. 145 µm
  • Antistatic treatment
  • Corona treatment

Available as:

  • Roll:  50m x 1524mm
  • per linear Metre


  • Packing of art
  • Art transport

Laws and regulations

  • This material meets the requirements of the REACH directive

Values that Tyvek 1442R at Darac  can provide:

  • Breathability
  • Lightweight, smooth surface and flexibility and ease of handling
  • Tear and water resistant for durable protection during transportation and storage
  • Reusable ** NoteEnd users need to inspect to make sure the condition of the products is suitable for reuse beforehand.

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Tyvek 1422R is breathable – water repellent – strong – lint free – flexible

DuPont Tyvek combines the best physical properties of paper, film, and fabric to offer unique advantages for a wide variety of demanding packaging applications. Made of high density polyethylene fibres, Tyvek brand materials are manufactured in a unique flash-spinning process without the use of binders—providing a durably rugged sheet structure that outperforms many conventional packaging materials, in many environmental conditions.

An inert spun-bonded (non-woven) polyethylene. Tyvek is made from spun bonded polyethylene olefin fibres. It has a paper like feel but is stronger than paper and will stretch up to 15-25% before breaking. Unaffected by water and therefore dimensionally stable in humid situations. Tyvek is a thermoplastic material and melts sharply at 135 degrees centigrade ( 275ºF).

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Tyvek 1442R Full Roll 50m (1524mm x 50m), Cut to length per linear metre