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Scalable Constant humidity control devices, for use in various instances including but not limited to, museum showcases.

Differing sizes and models available depending on needs.

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The miniClima Constant Humidity Devices “EBC” serve to keep the relative air humidity inside a closed case on a constant level without influencing the temperature of the conditioned air. They are used for museum showcases, switchboards, deposit cupboards, containers and similar applications. The essential requirement for efficient operation of the system is that the case should be airtight and manufactured from non-porous materials.

The current series of production uses two different technologies for the control of the air humidity: While the “time-honoured” types EBC10, EBC11 and EBC12 work with condensation/evaporation, our latest model, the EBCeasy, transports hydrogen ions through a special membrane, exchanging them with the environment. This method
neither requires the supply of water, nor produces any waste water, which also makes the EBCeasy suitable for applications where the device would be moved, like mobile showcases.

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