Darac MuseumVaC

395.00 excl VAT

This GS 555 E HEPA model is compact, lightweight and portable with special vacuum power control for professional dust removal from hard to reach places. The 555 has a 1.2 litre disposable, multi layer filter bag, advanced 6 stage filtration system with HEPA (absolute filter) retaining 99.997% efficiency down to 0.3 micron dust particles, mould, mildew and fungal spores. For increased control over suction the GS 555 E HEPA model uses a two-stage control system. There are three suction ranges to select by adding or removing plugs in the three inlets which give a wattage equivalent of 400W/500W or 1100W. Within each range the suction can be fine tuned using an electronic control on the side of the unit. Size: 315 x 120 x 185mm, Weight: 2.2Kg (appliance), Detachable shoulder strap with anti slip pad.

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Darac MuseumVaC + BloweR Hybrid Model