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    Our Approach

    Only acid and lignin free, bleed and fade resistant materials are used when attaching and mounting work. All work carried out is completely reversible. We can work directly with conservators to ensure continuity of care for newly conserved pieces.

    When appropriate Darac is never shy about introducing colour into conservation framing with our range of solid colour natural pigment mounting matts.

    Where possible we use FSC wood, and recyclable boards.

    Our aim is to provide long term preservation of artwork through remedial treatment, preventive measures and by advising on the surroundings and storage environments.


    Subsection 1

    3D Object Framing

    Thanks to our unique background as both museum professionals and master picture framers, as well as having access to the best the industry has to offer in terms of conservation and archival materials, we are confident in taking on the mounting and framing of 3D objects. Using only conservation appropriate materials, and innovative techniques, we have tackled even the most astonishing of collections.

    With over 30 years’ experience of working with 3D objects, there are very few shapes and sizes that we have not found solutions for. From a set of miniature hand painted glass cufflinks, to a full set of antique silver and mother of pearl cutlery – we have always used both skill and creativity to provide a finished display that simply wows.


    Subsection 2

    Sports Memorabilia Framing

    As a nation proud of our sporting heritage, we have framed many signed and sentimental objects, ephemera, and equipment from sports such as all GAA, Soccer, Rugby, Golf, Athletics, Horse Racing, and Boxing. This we do either to conservation or full museum standard, using appropriate glazing and mounting. We have framed both contemporary and antique sporting memorabilia, in various different styles for private individuals, sporting clubs, sports grounds, and museums.

    Some of our more memorable pieces can be seen here, but if you have something specific in mind, please get in touch.