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    Glass Museum Display Cases

    Darac Glass Museum Display Cases - Platinum Conservation Level

    Conservation Display cases smbanner

    archa logoEngineered and Manufactured for Darac in Europe by Archa Inženiring

    • True Conservation Museum Display Cases
    • High Security Glass
    • Concealed Abloy Locks
    • Constructed in Steel and Aluminium
    • Inert Non-gassing powder coat finish
    • 99% UV Protection
    • Concealed hinges
    • Vapour Tight

    Darac full Conservation Showcase are made with Anti-Bandit 11.52mm Low Iron Laminated Glass (Non-Reflective option) bonded at 45°, Safety Level EN356. They can come with LED Lighting, which is dimmable, warm, natural, or cold white in colour.

    Darac Conservation Showcases are designed and constructed to meet National Museum of Ireland and British Museum standards

    The Display Plinth is powder coated metal or aluminium to match the case colour. An option to dress with Création Baumann fabric or Darac Museum Cotton fabric.

    Note: MDF is Not used in Darac Conservation Showcases, this eliminates the need for Moistop or similar and any possible off gassing from MDF. Thereby achieving the highest level of conservation as well giving greater environmental sustainability.

    They are constructed using Conservation approved (Oddy Tested) pollution free neutral silicone. The metal case construction uses both concealed hinges and locks (Abloy), with gas assist lift struts and Silicone Gasket Seals. 

    All cases have either passive humidity control with a desiccant tray for Pro/Art Sorb or Active humidity control, with mechanical system. These can have an alarm system contacts fitted as an optional extra. All cases have adjustable levelling feet, with an option for castors for easier manoeuvring and cleaning on some models.

    Table Style Conservation Display Case

    This style of display case allows for easy access to the display, with a shallow canopy for smaller displays. The four individual legs mean this style of case is lighter, as well as affording access to wheelchair users. They are popular for areas which are more minimalist in aesthetic.

    Open Base Conservation Display Case

    Designed to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, the Open base gives greater access for wheelchair users, while providing a stable base to accommodate a medium height canopy.

    Full Base Conservation Display Case

    These showcases are popular to create solid divisions within exhibition areas, or for cases that are housed adjacent to walls. The enclosed base can accommodate a deeper canopy and provide under storage. An option of hidden castors makes these cases more manoeuvrable despite their size and weight.

    Tall Mannequin/Shelved Conservation Display Case

    These cases can come with or without shelves, offering a degree of flexibility. Generally used to showcase textiles when supplied without shelving, or taller items. When supplied with the adjustable height glass shelves, they appear to “float” on discreet suspension wires giving impressive visibility and a multi-level display.

    Wall Mounted Conservation Display Case

    For narrow spaces, or to make use of height, our wall mounted showcases offer all the security of a traditional display case, but at a 90° angle on a solid wall. These have been used to show ephemera, sports memorabilia, books, wooden carvings, and religious artefacts.

    Standard Showcase sizes:

    Table, Open Base and Full Base  1200 x 600 x 1050mm high, (Glass canopy: 250mm high) or 600 x 600 x 1050mm high (Glass canopy: 250mm high)

    Tall Free Standing Glass Showcase 700 x 700 x 2000mm high

    Bespoke showcases, designed to your display needs, please contact us and we can discuss options.

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