Wireless Data Logger Testo 160 THL

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Wireless data logger designed to monitor light, temperature, humidity and UV. Ideal for use in Museums and other heritage sites.

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The wireless data logger testo 160 THL is suitable for monitoring temperature, humidity and lux values ​​​​as well as UV radiation in showcases, exhibition rooms, archive rooms and reserve stores. The testo 160 THL data logger sends all measured values ​​​​directly to the Testo cloud via your WLAN. Email and SMS alerts can be set up should specified values be exceeded.


  • Measured values ​​are sent directly to the testo cloud via WLAN
  • The data loggers store up to 40,000 measured values
  • The measured values ​​stored in the cloud can be evaluated anytime and anywhere using an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Logger variants with internal and external sensors
  • Display: current measurement data, exceeded limits, battery status


All measured values ​​​​are stored in Germany in a data center certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2005 by the world-renowned provider Host Europe and are subject to the strict German data protection regulations. In the Saveris Security Dossier you will find detailed information on data security in the TÜV-certified Trusted Cloud Service.

What comes in the box?

The Testo 160 THL radio data logger, USB cable, wall bracket, batteries and calibration protocol.

Please note that to use the testo 160 THL wireless data logger system, a wireless data logger, a cloud license and a WiFi-enabled network are essential . If you do not yet have a WiFi network, you can set up one inexpensively using a mobile WiFi hotspot.


Common features of the testo 160 WLAN loggers

Measuring cycle depending on the cloud license / Basic: 15 min … 24 h / Advanced: 1 min … 24 h flexible
Communication cadence depending on the cloud license / Basic: 15 min … 24 h / Advanced: 1 min … 24 h flexible
Cloud server testo cloud server
Storage 40,000 measured values ​​​​(sum of channels)
Power supply 4 x AAA alkaline manganese batteries 1.5 V
Battery life
(depending on the measurement and communication cycle to the cloud)
approx. 1.5 years (at +25°C)
Housing material plastic
Wall mount Incl.

Further features for testo 160 THL radio logger

Dimensions (H x W x D) 76x64x22mm
Weight approx. 94g (including batteries)
Workspace -10 … +50 °C

Temperature/Humidity Sensor Specification

Sensor type Temperature and humidity, internal
Measuring range -10 … +50°C / 0 … 100% RH
accuracy.accuracy ±0.5°C / ±2%RH
resolution 0.1°C / 0.1%RH

Specification of Lux and UV sensors

Sensor type Lux and UV radiation, internal
Measuring range 0 … 20,000 lux / 0 … 10,000 mW/m2
accuracy.accuracy ±3 lux / ±5 mW/m2
resolution 0.1 lux / 0.1 mW/m2

System requirements

computer Adobe Acrobat Reader required (configuration of the loggers)
Browser Firefox (version 20 or newer)
Internet Explorer (8 or newer)
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Apple Mobile Safari (iPhone, iPad, iPod): 6.0 Mobile or newer (current version: 7.0 Mobile)
Google Android (Google Android 4.0 or newer)
Java script must be enabled in all browsers.
router For small networks/commercial routers no special settings necessary
network 2.4 GHz (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
5 GHz networks are not supported