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Drop Spine Archival Box


Drop Spine Archival Storage

Flat packed for ease of storage and shipping. Easy assembly, no glue or tools required.

Darac archival boxes offer a controlled ‘micro-environment’ for books, papers, photographs and other fragile items; adding to the physical protection a slightly alkaline environment helps to counteract any acidity in the enclosed materials.

The coloured paper surface of the board will not bleed and is resistant to fading, dirt, grease and abrasion, while the smooth white interior surface is designed to minimise abrasion of box contents.

Any size available As we make the boxes here in Newbliss we can make to whatever size and shape you require. No minimum order. Please contact us for details.


Darac Archival Storage Boxes
are made from duplex colour, solid centre conservation boxboard laminated from papers which pass the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test (PAT). Acid-free and lignin-free, with a high percentage of bleached long kraft fibres. This board which meets the most stringent requirements of long term archival storage boxes is laminated with EVA plasticiser-free adhesive which is more resistant to acid hydrolysis than other cheaper synthetic adhesives. This is important if you are looking for the maximum level of protection because if the adhesive breaks down and ‘off gases’ in the micro-environment of a box the contents can be damaged.

Reducible sulphur content of the board comfortably meets the ANSI American standard for the safe storage of photographic materials. The greatest care has gone into ensuring that this material meets detailed archival standards in terms of chemical composition whilst offering excellent folding strength and rigidity.

Dimensions N/A
Internal Box Size

(To take A5) 220x158x50mm, (To take A4) 307x220x50mm, (To take A3) 430x307x50mm, (To take 10×8 photos) 265x213x50mm, (To take 12×10 photos) 315x265x50mm


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