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Conservation Framing

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Conservation framing is the creation of a storage container that allows you to view its contents.

All work carried out to best pratice using only Museum Standard materials by Master Picture Framer with museum technician training.

Only acid and lignin free, bleed and fade resistant materials are used when attaching and mounting work.


For the very best in conservation glazing we look to Museum Glass® and Optium Museum Acrylic®. These Conservation Grade UV products offer up to 99% UV protection from the irreversible damage caused by light exposure while offering maximum anti-reflective viewing for amazing clarity.

Our range of picture glass is unparalleled in the picture framing industry. The most exciting advances have been in the Specialist Glass area. As well as protection from UV damage there are a number of ranges of glass that have been treated to become almost invisible.

Conservation Glazing


While it may seem that your only option is to lock up your collection somewhere, away from the perils of man and nature, it is no longer necessarily to resort to such extremes. Darac have the skills techniques and materials to allow you to exhibit your cherished photos, prints, art or artifacts in safety.

When appropriate Darac is never shy about introducing  colour into conservation framing with our  range of solid colour natural pigment mounting matts.

Where possible using fsc wood, recyclable and recycled boards.

It’s as if there is no glass, even with multiple layers in a framed display

Parts of a 1960s steam boiler

Remedial cleaning prior to framing

Our aim is to provide long term preservation of artwork through remedial treatment, preventive measures and by advising on the surroundings and storage environments.

Section of Railway Map framed

The Late Sir Jack Leslie with his water colours painted during his time as a pow during WW2

Silk and it’s provenance

Cavan GAA programme

Hand painted Glass Cufflink Buttons

City of Drogheda Charter and Map

Family Photographs


Family heirloom