The Old Railway Station
Co. Monaghan
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Object Framing, Box Framing, 3D Framing to Museum Standard

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Antlers mounted on a framed oak plinth

Clothes Pegs set back beside bill and menu

With Darac you can choose from nearly any of our 5,000 mouldings for your box frame

Parts of a 1960s Boiler

Moroccan bottle in a velvet lined deep silver leaf box frame

Dried Wedding Flowers

A complete Altar cloth displayed in a frame

Full size antique Chinese Umbrella

Truce Medal

1700s Silver spoon

Encaustic Art on block tiles framed in deep set frame

1907 GAA Rule Book

29 Ties and 2 photos

Apron wrapped on plinth in Frame

Hand painted antique Silk Chinese Umbrella

Barbed wire from the Battle of The Somme

Medals, Letter and Photo framed showing both sides of letter. Non Reflective Museum Glass to give UV protection and ultra clear vision